Professional Computer Repair Services


If your computer won’t turn on or your keyboard isn’t working, we can sort it out for you.

Computer Repairs

We specialise in computer repairs whether it is a faulty hard drive or a stick of ram, we will be able to diagnose the problem and repair it for you. We have our no fix no fee policy, if it can’t be fixed then we won’t charge you.

We are proud to offer a professional service to help get your computer back to you as soon as we can. Before we start any work in our workshop we will agree the cost with you. Once we have the go ahead we will get to work keeping you updated along the way with the progress of the repair until its back with you.

So if we can help you solve a problem with your computer whether it has a failing hard drive or faulty power supply or even it is a laptop that just has a black screen or the battery doesn’t charge. Bring it to us and we will take a look.

Virus Removals

Viruses, Trojans and malware are becoming more and more common with some of theme stealing your private details or locking you out of your computer and demanding a ransom. We will look at your computer and decide the best course of action to remove them. And when we have completed that we will also recommend an antivirus software to help protect your computer in the future.

From harmful spyware, Trojans, popups, and viruses, we will look at your computer and remove them so your computer gets back up and running smoothly as quickly as possible.

Computer Health Checks

Have you noticed your computer becoming slower over time? Well we are here to help. A computer health check is like an MOT for your computer, it helps to keep it running fast and helps to identify potential problems that might occur in the future.

Over time there are a number of things that change in your PC making it less stable and slowing it down. Our computer health check’s are extremely comprehensive taking up to 3 days to complete, resolving these issues and restoring your computer to its optimal performance and often making it faster than when it was originally purchased.

We recommend that a health check should be undertaken about once a year, to help keep your computer running in tip-top condition.