Whether you are a home or business user we can provide various internet services to you. This may include internet itself (ADSL, Satellite or Fibre), web hosting, email, websites or web applications and VOIP phone systems.

Satellite Internet

For those who are located in more rural areas and poor connection, we can offer satellite internet, giving a better connection than using your existing phone line for internet. This is a great option for home users or business users which depend on an internet connection.

Website/Web App Development

With the rise of the internet for everyday use, having a website is becoming a must. We can create a website for you. Tailored to your needs which you will be proud of. By keeping up-to-date with the latest web standards and technologies such as the rise of mobile and tablet browsing, having a mobile friendly website is very important. With the latest responsive design techniques our website developers can make your website adapt to the device on which it is being viewed, making sure that it looks perfect.