Tech Tip: Content Copying

Tech Tip: Content Copying

Copying Your Content?

It’s important to check if your valuable content is getting ripped off. (SEO issues, copyright infringement, loss of credibility etc)

Conversely, it goes without saying that you should never copy content without getting permission and crediting the author.

Getting sued for breach of copyright is becoming increasingly commonplace and very likely a simple “cease and desist” order won’t be enough anymore to placate the aggrieved party.

How to Check?

A quick and dirty way of doing it is to highlight/select some random text on your site (which you believe is unique to you) and then paste it into Google’s search bar.

Put a “double quote” on either side of the text to force the search to yield only ‘exact’ matches and if any are returned, they should only come from your website…

This can get a bit repetitive and of course you have to remember to do it regularly and of course it’s a two way street if people are creating content for you … staff, outsourced content writers or even your web designer. It’s important to make sure that you’re not copying anyone and that no-one is copying you.

If you’re not comfortable writing something like a simple PHP script to automate your website-checking then something like Copyscape would probably be a good investment ( ) to free up your time and put your mind at rest.